CANOSC - Canadian Advances in Neuro-Orthopedics for Spasticity Congress

Apr 5-6, 2019

The Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health, 2215 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver
Dr. Paul Winston and Dr. Rajiv Reebye, CANOSC

Spasticity is a medical disorder that occurs after injury to the brain or spinal cord.  Tens of thousands of Canadians are affected, making it difficult to move their limbs. Spasticity may be present from birth in disorders such as cerebral palsy or develop due to stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury or multiple sclerosis. Canadian practitioners have a long tradition of excellent care.  Despite our best efforts, many patients have spasticity that is too severe for us to treat individuals with our current approaches. 

CANSOC is the brainchild of Dr. Rajiv Reebye and Dr. Paul Winston, who are both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation experts. They witnessed cutting-edge interdisciplinary care between surgeons and other physicians that have transformed the care of the spastic patient. It is their goal to bring the world's leaders to position Canada as a lead centre in neuro-orthopedics. We wish to join forces between medical and allied health providers to offer the best in care.

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