D. Harold Copp Lecture

3:00pm-4:00pm, Mar 14, 2017

LSC1, Room 1001, Life Sciences Centre, 2350 Health Sciences Mall
Dr. Thomas Südhof

Join 2013 Nobel Prize recipient Dr. Thomas Südhof as he delivers the 13th annual D. Harold Copp Lecture.

Towards a Molecular Logic of Synaptic Connections: Neurexins and their Ligands

Neural circuits process information by transmitting and computing signals at synapses whose number, location, and properties determine the input/output relations of a circuit. In his lecture, Thomas Südhof will describe his laboratory’s efforts to decipher the molecular code that determines the formation and specification of these synapses. His talk will focus on neurexins and their ligands as central regulators of synapse properties, and how neurexins might relate to other trans-synaptic regulators of synapse formation and properties. In addition, he will discuss the links of mutations in genes encoding neurexins and their ligands to neuropsychiatric disorders.

For more information, please contact Dr. Ivan Robert Navi at 604-822-7000 or via email at irnabi@mail.ubc.ca.

The D. Harold Copp lecture is an annual event funded by an endowment from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Wolfe & Gita Churg Foundation.


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