Heart:BEATS Brain, Exercise, Arts, Trans-disciplinary Synergies

Oct 19, 2019

Music Building, 6361 Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC
Transcending Boundaries: A Constellation of Conversations and Concerts

The data is in — a tidal wave of new understanding of ancient practices shows that arts-medicine phenomena abound — dancing helps Parkinson's patients, singing promotes wellbeing and memory for dementia patients, music-based therapies helps stroke victims regain speech and autistic children communicate. Arts and humanities help medical students develop skills and empathies, while medical/psychotherapeutic practices help music students with injury prevention and performance confidence. Exercise-based community arts assist health and wellbeing across the lifespan. Drama therapies traverse an array of conceptual and emotional boundaries. Art modalities can be powerful agents of knowledge translation across the academic spectrum, and to build eloquent bridges for cross-cultural understanding.

And all around the world, all of us engage Art in some way, everyday - and always have, for as far back as we can trace human communities. Some (like Darwin) have said it is one of the grandest mysteries of our species.

HeartBEATS will include speakers and performers from a broad spectrum of artistic practices and diverse research areas whose work draws connections between realms. 

Join us to explore how art connects us to wellness, health,  and to everyone/thing else.

More information, including the day's schedule: music.ubc.ca/transcending-boundaries

This event is co-hosted by The UBC School of Music and the Djavad Mowafaghian Centre for Brain Health.



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