Privacy & Consent

At the UBC Hospital MS Clinic, you are seen by the members of the UBC Hospital MS Clinic Team that includes a variety of health care professionals and researchers: neurologists, nurses, neuro-ophthalmologists, occupational, speech and physical therapists, social workers, clinical trials staff, and genetic counselors/geneticists.

Your privacy and confidentiality is of upmost importance to us. UBC Hospital MS Clinic physician reports will be forwarded to referring physicians and physicians involved in your care.  We do not release information to third parties (ie. insurance companies, employers) without your written permission. If you have any questions or concerns contact the Vancouver Coastal Health Privacy Office.

What is consent?

Consent means that you are allowing your personal health information to be used at the UBC Hospital MS Clinic. There are 4 basic scenarios that require your consent for your information to be used. To project your privacy, in most cases, you are required to provide written confirmation of consent.

  1. Consent for Care

    When you come to the clinic with a health concern, consent is implied. Information will be stored in the hospital/clinic records and reports will only be sent to physicians currently or recently involved in your care according to hospital and provincial privacy laws.  Consent is implied.

  2. Consent for Registry (Database)

    De-identified data regarding diagnosis and test results are kept in a secure research database. This information is not used for clinical care but is an important tool for collecting statistics and basic summary information on MS and related disorders in British Columbia. The data is looked at from a group level rather than an individual level. Consent is optional and written. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

  3. Consent for Specific Research Projects

    A variety of voluntary research studies are conducted through the clinic. You may be eligible and interested in those ranging from surveys, MRI research, and clinical trials of new therapies. Each study has a unique consent form that would need to be reviewed and signed before participating in a specific research project. Consent can be withdrawn at any time.

  4. Consent for Release of Information to 3rd Parties (insurance and disability forms, etc.)

    To protect your privacy, requests for information to be released to 3rd parties such as disability forms, insurance forms, lawyers, employers cannot be released without written consent (signed and dated). There may be a fee for completing these forms.